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This is 10 years after Light Yagami died. Ryuk faded away as well as all the other Shinigami of that time.
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 Writing Rules!

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Faita Amane
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Webmaster/Death Note User/Kira

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PostSubject: Writing Rules!   Mon Nov 24, 2008 7:24 pm

1. Good Grammar
Okay, one thing I don't like is bad grammar! I will allow bad grammar though, but I do have guidelines. Please make sure you make it so people can understand. Here is a small list of which words to use for certain things.

To-I am going to Kill you
Too- I am going too
Two- I want two pancakes

They're-They're playing Naruto Clash of Ninja
There-I am moving over there
Their-It's in their ownership

2. No Noobish Righting
I hate retarded writing
Such as:

mY nAmE iS fAiTa
i LoVe DeAtH nOtE

My DeathGod Seiren
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Writing Rules!
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