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This is 10 years after Light Yagami died. Ryuk faded away as well as all the other Shinigami of that time.
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 Rules(Read First)

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Faita Amane
Webmaster/Death Note User/Kira
Webmaster/Death Note User/Kira

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PostSubject: Rules(Read First)   Sun Nov 16, 2008 4:46 pm

Here are some rules, even though I am not so Fond of them:

1. No Double Posting - This means if you don't get a reply for a while, don't post again....unless separated by 24 Hours. If you want to add something in, than just edit what you wrote.

2. No Spam - Don't bug people, this can result in ban

3. Don't Argue With Admin - The Admin are always right, no matter what you say. This WILL result in a ban.....pending on how bad you are....the ban could last weeks.

4. No Cussing - This is a 14+ Site, but Cussing is limited. This will result in a retarded will be deemed King Of Cussing! But pending on how bad you are it may result in minor band

5. Please Use Grammar - It gets annoying figuring out what people are saying, just open up Microsoft Office Word and use Spell Check than paste it here

My DeathGod Seiren
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Rules(Read First)
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