Death Zone

This is 10 years after Light Yagami died. Ryuk faded away as well as all the other Shinigami of that time.
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 Temperance Succesor To Near

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PostSubject: Temperance Succesor To Near   Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:20 pm


Birth Name: Celia Fletcher

Alias: Temperance (sometimes shortened to Tempe) or T

Who you work for:

At the age of 6 Celia was put into Wammy's House. She was rather confused about what was going onand why her parents were leaving her. She was nearly cryingwhen her dad took off his favorite canvas jacket and put it on her (though it was much to big for her) "Don't worry Celia, Mommy and I are comming right back for you." He said with a perfectly honest smile. At this moment her mother broke down into tears and put both of her beretes in Celia's hair, sobbing to much to say anything. After a month in Wammy's House she gave up all hope of ever seeing her parents again. Although her dad had wanted to come back to get her, Celia's parents were in a bad finacil status and could not afford to raise her or send her to school. Both her parents knew how intelectually gifted sheand wanted her to have the best education possible, which they could not provide her with so they sent her to Wammy's in hope to give her the future they could not provide her. The next month she met a boy her age named Near, The two had much in common personality wise and despite their lack of social skills they easily became friends. soo she met L and Mello, although she did become friends with the two she remained closer to Near. L and Near both rubbed off on her, where as Mello was too diffrent from her to make and impact. As the four grew up L became a the great detective and Near and Mello were to compete to be his succesors. Near had promised Celia that she would be his succesor, even giving her the alias Temperance.


Personlality: She gained many traits from her predecesors L and Nesr, includeing her posture when she sits. She enjoys playing with toys and can be often be seen building a puzzle or something of the sort. Like L she has a terrible addiction to sweets. She speaks her mind and is very intelligent.She is quite secretive and rarely ever leaves the SPK building. Although she likes to tell people she has no emotional attachements to her parents many do not beilve her due to the fact she wears her Dad's old canvas jacket and her mom's berretes. she currently hold the world record for longest paper clip chain. A quirk that she has diffrent from L or Near is an obbsession with plants, Although she's not very good at keeping them alive (she sucks at it) she has sevral potted plants all over the SPK building.
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PostSubject: Re: Temperance Succesor To Near   Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:33 pm


My DeathGod Seiren
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Temperance Succesor To Near
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