Death Zone

This is 10 years after Light Yagami died. Ryuk faded away as well as all the other Shinigami of that time.
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PostSubject: Baki   Sat Jun 13, 2009 9:45 am

name: baki
occupation: detective/ serial killer
bio: when he was 2 years old baki's parents were murderd right infront of him. he couldnt rember this but a serial killer kidnapped his family and him and his twon brother and was about to killl baki and his twin when the poice arrived.they arrested the killer AND baki's brother and him wer seperated ad a cop adopted baki. later when he was 15 years old his cop realized baki's problem with nightmares and how baki has urges to kill and his adopted father taught baki about stealth how to leae nothing behiind leaving baki no explantion on how he knows this stuff. a year later his adopted father dies in a car crash due to a heart attack. baki secretly became a serial murder skilled in leaving nothing behind becomeing known as carnage.
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